When I was young, I was obsessed with supermodels (sadly, I never became one). You know, the "Big Six." I kept a scrapbook with their pictures and Christy dominated it. Later I realized that it wasn't the supermodels that I loved so much (they are actually quite boring), it was the fantasy of the fashion world, and the designers and artists that created it. At the time, Gianni Versace was still living, Azzedine Alaia was still designing regularly and Karl Lagerfeld was still a plus-sized gentleman.

The term "It Girl" fascinates me (thanks Jay McInerney!), although I am not one. If I was, I wouldn't have time to investigate the intricacies of Cher Horowitz's sartorial choices, or think about why Denise Huxtable may just be the most influential style icon of my childhood.

Since then, a lot more has changed than Karl’s physique, but the fantasy remains the same. So as a result of a 20+ year fashion infatuation, I started I'm the It Girl. My blog's main focus is on fashion history (design, film, icons) and theory, which is something I believe is unique to the blogosphere and a a great passion of mine. I also love focusing on young independent designers, as I dislike how fashion has become so corporate.

I'm currently a contributor to FLARE magazine and a Beauty and Fashion Editor at VitaminDaily.com. My writing has been published in several magazines, including The Block, Montecristo, ELLEcanada.com. Of course, it all started right here.

I'd love to hear from you!

♥ Anya

P.S. For samples of my work, go to anyageorgijevic.com.

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