Fashion Archives: A Brief (But Important!) History of Dog Covers (1914-1947)

Vogue (March 1947), illustrated by René R. Bouché

Yesterday, British Vogue revealed their August cover starring Victoria Beckham and a special little puppy. I think it makes the cover fun, especially since Ms. Beckham never smiles. It also made me wonder about other canine models (or in this case, illustrations) that have graced famous covers. Aside from the above cover by René R. Bouché, my favourites are the elongated figures by illustrator Helen Dryden, who drew countless Vogue covers during her 13 year contract with Condé Nast from 1909–1922, and was once the highest paid female artist in America.

Vogue (January 1922), illustrated by Helen Dryden / Vogue (September 1924)

Vogue (March 1947), illustrated by René R. Bouché / Vogue (unknown)

Vogue (October 1922), illustrated by Helen Dryden

Harper's Bazaar (February 1916) / Harper's Bazaar (November 1916)

Harper's Bazaar (April 1944) / Harper's Bazaar (June 1942)

Vanity Fair (June 1914), illustrated by Ethel McClellan Plummer

P.S. Interesting discovery: Harper's Bazaar used to be Harper's Bazar.


  1. You got me here, I adore a good dog fashion image, nice to see the history of it!


    Simona/OFF DUTY

  2. What lovely illustrations from the archives. Thanks for sharing!


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