Shoe: Madewell ‘Bobbie’ Oxford

This feature will no longer be called “Shoe Wednesdays” as sometimes I can’t keep up with my own schedule. Let’s just go with “Shoe!”
I seem to be bookmarking oxfords in this beige-y (I no longer refer to it as “nude” as it is, well, politically incorrect) colour lately. There are these amazing Common Project wingtip creepers, and these spectacular Sessun platform oxfords. And there are these much, much more affordable and very classic ‘Bobbie’ oxfords from good old Madewell. I love patent leather — there is so much of it in my closet — I guess I like having shiny feet. 
Would go great with those Phillip Lim leather pants.
$165 at Madewell
  • Nomadic D.

    So good! I actually think I like the Bobby best out of the bunch. You know I was on the search for nude/beige oxfords forever, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I found my church’s on sale for half off:

    Yeah, they’re half a size too big, but who cares?! I wore them every single day this summer. Most useful shoes ever. I say snatch up those Bobbys, you won’t regret it one bit.

  • anya

    Nice find!

  • Maarten Gubbens

    Looking too good, last night i was searching some unique shoes for my own use. I’ve visited many of websites but your collection is mind blowing and it has inspired me alot. Thanks for the post..:)
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