Item of the Week: Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Duvet Coat

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you know that there was no way I wasn’t going to love Maison Martin Margiela’s H&M collection. It’s definitely the best, most cohesive H&M collection to date, and most true to the “original” (actually Comme des Garçons was pretty spot on), focusing on the “re-edition” of iconic MMM pieces. The only problem is that in this case “authenticity” comes with a price, with the best pieces ranging between $200-350. 
This will be a pricey H&M trip for many, averaging around $1,000. My favourite piece is the duvet coat — yes, completely impractical for the splashy streets of Vancouver. 
Bill Cunningham, The New York Times, 2000 (image via blindface)
Its predecessor came from the F/W 1999 collection. Here it is photographed by The New York Times‘ Bill Cunningham back in 2000 on the streets of New York.

$349 at H&M, available Thursday, November 15.

Collection images courtesy of H&M

  • northern style blog

    Such a giant statement literally

  • Nomadic D.

    I’ve never lined up for one of the collaboration collections before but I am seriously considering it this time. Plus this all-consuming project I’m working on has the 15th as its deadline so it may work out to be the perfect reward. Well, technically I should be working til midnight on the 15th, but an early morning mmm trip might still be possible. I’m guessing you’ll be there bright and early to snatch things up?

  • anya

    I haven’t decided yet whether to line up or not. Kind of want to but

    Did you see the BoF article today? I thought it was completely self-righteous and elitist.

  • Amy

    Love it, but so not lining up. Will take my chances in the morning!

  • Erinnnnn

    I’m pretty sure The Room was selling MMM stuff at a huge discount a few months ago. The prices then seem very close to what we are seeing for this H&M collection, but this certainly has more hype and better market penetration as far as the advertising goes. I had my face pressed against the glass at H&M a few days ago to examine this stuff close up and the quality (on the shoes at least), does not seem comparable. The materials look good, but it appeared to lack finish. Maybe that’s how it is supposed to look? I’m pretty sure I saw glue residue. Anyway, I won’t be lining up at all (I haven’t since the relative ease back in 2008 for CdG), but I will probably go in to examine the aftermath after work tomorrow.

    Good luck if you do decide to line-up!

  • anya

    Yeah, I got Margiela pumps at The Room for $150 last summer.

    Before The Room opened in Vancouver, I probably would have done an overnight lineup, but I think I’ll just head over early in the morning.

    As far as the quality, it’s not going to be as great as the real deal. Although the last Margiela bag I purchased (for $1,000!) started splitting only three months later…

  • Nomadic D.

    Just read the article and am left totally disgusted with his snobbish elitist attitude. Instead of coming off knowledgeable and thoughtful (which I assume was his intention) he just sounds like a snooty jack-ass. Excuse my language. Thanks for the link though, I’m glad I read it.

  • Petite Adventures

    I. Need. This!

    Kate xo