Shoe Wednesdays: Zara Metal Cap-Toe Pump

Every time I wear my many Zara shoes, they always get mistaken for something much fancier. “Are those the new Celine sandals?” and “Nice Isabel Marant boots!” were the two most recent comments. I’m always so proud to exclaim, “Oh, no – they are Zara!” like I discovered some mystical secret to great shoes, a passage through a magical door where everything appears to be “designer” but costs less than an average restaurant dinner. 
Louis Vuitton S/S 2012

Here is yet another “oh is that?” shoe moment. I’m referring to Louis Vuitton’s cap-toe pump from the S/S 2012 collection. If you squint hard enough…
  • Australian Designer

    OMG this shoe is looking awesome and i don’t think that I’ve seen these designs before. Outstanding dear keep posting..:)

  • Ellareiss

    Beautiful shoes i like it thanks for sharing.
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