Springtime in Paris

I’m jetting off to Paris for a week. (I’ve always wanted to say that!) I’ve been before, when I was just out of college, on a very tight budget, and in freezing January. Not that I’ll be doing damage at Céline or eating at three-Michelin-star restaurants, but it’s definitely going to be a different experience. Full report upon return. In the meantime, I’ll be Instagraming my every move
Au revoir!
  • Rocio Larrea

    Have a good trip! enjoy your time there!
    Un kiss

  • Amy

    Have a great time! So jealous.

  • Nomadic D.

    Have a great trip!


  • http://www.obsessionsofagirl.com/ Saschie

    Have an amazing time!!! xx

  • Jenny

    Did Flare magazine sent you there on a mission?

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    No, I’m here on vacation :)

  • Computertech111

    Wow!!!  Have fun!

  • Computertech111
  • http://www.mercurymoonshinedutchess.blogspot.com/ Mercurymoonshinedutchess

    once i set my glossy dream like eyes on your beautiful rose tinted blog a splash of rainbow colours bounce from cloud to cloud letting the angels sing and the sky gleam with sunshine keep it uP X Mercury Moonshine Dutchess