Item of the Week: VPL W Bra

I like wearing see through things in the summer: open knit sweaters and sheer blouses. With those, one can't wear just any old bra. I've featured undergarments by VPL before about two years ago but, since this season is the line's strongest yet, I thought a little refresher would be good. 

I love that this particular one is cotton -- which makes it very breathable in the summer -- and that it is pretty simple in design. The bra is basically a streamlined version of a sports bra, my favourite type of a bra (funny, considering how little I see the gym). 

$95 for the bra (and $85 for the matching panties) on Net-a-Porter. Also available in grey on Shopbop.


  1. I love this!  I've been drooling over vpl bras for years, always thinking they were so expensive.  Either I've changed or they have, cause suddenly, $95 seems fairly reasonable when I think about all the layering possibilities and the new life it would breathe into my wardrobe.

  2. This one is cotton -- that's why it's cheaper. Usually they are silk/poly mix. 

  3.  Aha!  Well then, maybe I will have to snap this one up!  Gosh, it would feel so decadent... in such a great way!

  4. Ok, I got it! It's divine. Fits small -- I'm a 36B (on a smaller side) and Medium is a tiny bit snug. 

  5.  Ooh, so exciting!  Sounds like it runs pretty small, good to know.  I just splurged on some new boots so I think maybe a fancy pants bra will be on hold for a bit, but I'm sure one day I'll do it.  So good to know you love it!  Thanks!


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