Item of the Week: Club Monaco ‘Keeley’ Moto Jacket

Here’s a spring answer to your favourite motorcycle jacket. It’s a classic design by Club Monaco, rendered beautifully in cupro, everyone’s favourite silky non-silk material. Its dainty nature gives this otherwise tough silhouette a softer feel. 
If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of this style. Last fall I featured Rag & Bone’s royal blue moto (still available!), with a little tidbit on the history of this all-American garment, which dates back to 1928. 
$219 at Club Monaco. Also, good news: just launched e-commerce (Canadian store kicks off on April 11). 
  • Nomadic D.

    Am totally motorcycle jacket obsessed.  I have a cozy one in a thick knit jersey that I wear instead of a hoodie (Forever 21) and a really lightweight linen one (H&M) that serves me well in the spring.  I am still on the lookout for the ultimate traditional black leather one though. I know, there are zillions out there, but it has to be just so.  And also not cost $1000.  Sigh.  This Club Monacco one looks great for spring and fall!

  • anya

    I find that when it comes to leather jackets, vintage/used is the best option for a more reasonable price point.

    Or you could always go with Schott, the inventors of the style.

  • Nomadic D.

     Thanks for the link!  That first perfecto is pretty darn perfecto (sorry, couldn’t resist).  My issue is that I think I want it a bit oversized and slouchy, cut more like a men’s jacket, but still buttery soft.  Ha!  Asking a bit much maybe.  But I think you’re right that used is the way to go, especially for what I want.  That way someone else has already done the hard work of breaking it in.

  • Helen

    It’s sold out in my size! I should have bought it when I had it in my shopping cart.