Beauty Fridays: Majestic Magenta

Thakoon S/S 2012

No, I haven't gone totally crazy, telling you that you should dye your tresses pink. I totally would, if I was a tad bit younger (I don't think it would match my wrinkles, um, fine lines so well). But this bubble gum magenta looked spectacular on Thakoon's S/S runway. 

Thakoon x NARS 'Ratin Jot'

Thankfully the designer incorporated the hue into his capsule collection for NARS, a series of five happy brights (six if you live in New York, as one is exclusive to the Bleecker Street store). I wore it last weekend and my nails got many "wows" everywhere I went -- rightfully so. 

$21 at NARS, available May 1st. Check out the rest of the colours on my FB page.

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  1. Gorgeous color!  I actually did do magenta hair, though granted, it was about 8 years ago, and I did have less, ahem, fine lines.  But I absolutely loved it.  It was a layer in the middle of my hair, if that makes sense, so it really only showed when my hair moved a lot, or when I had it up.  The nail polish is gorgeous too though!

  2. Amazing what we could get with when we were younger. 

  3.  Right?  I'd like to think I could still get away with it, I just choose not to... ;)

  4. I love the magenta colour!  I had that colour in my hair when I was 21 but that was a LONG time ago!  I think I'll stick with that colour on my nails :)


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