WIN: The Hunger Games Capitol Colours Collection by China Glaze

Top row: Luxe and Lush, Fast Track, Foie Gras, Dress Me Up, Mahogany Magic, Harvest Moon
Bottom row: Riveting, Electrify, Hook and Line, Agro, Smoke and Ashes, Stone Cold 

I usually don’t read young adult novels (okay, just Harry Potter), but I just started reading The Hunger Games and I’m really (super crazy) into it. So, yes: I’m pretty excited about the film series. My love of nail polish is well documented here, and this China Glaze collection, inspired by the books, is right up my alley. The colours are earthy, but rich — a nice alternative to the pastel colour trend of the moment. Guess what? You can win all of them, thanks to the lovely people behind Spa Boutique

Simply comment below and let me know which colour you like the best. Make sure you leave a way I can contact you (email, Twitter etc.).

Contest closes on Thursday, March 22 at 11:59PM PST. Open to Canadian and US residents only. Winner will be announced on Friday, March 23. 
PS. Congratulations to Lucille (@adorement)! Thank you all for entering. Hope you enjoy the film!
  • Ash032

    Love Dress Me Up! Would love to win the collection, I can’t wait for the movie :)

  • Kailey

    Do I really have to choose? Okay, to satisfy my total obsession with orange I would say Riveting. It looks like a richer alternative to the borderline neons out there right now!

  • otterbuffy

    love China Glaze Stone Cold (District 2 – Masonry)

    looks the asphalt on american roads before the zombie apocalypse – love it!

  • Nadya Repin

    Love Dress me up!


  • evo

    i’ve been in a flaky mood lately so it would be Luxe and Lush

  • Jess

    I am loving Luxe & Lush, though all of them are bloody amazing! The Hunger Games was easily my most favourite series after Harry Potter. So looking forward to the movie!

  • lisa

    Not entering the contest, just wanted to comment on you reading The Hunger Games! I loved it, but then again part of still hasn’t grown out of the young adult category.

  • anya

    Forever young adult! 

  • Devon

    Dress Me Up for sure!

  • Ada Young

    i love dress me up :D. Awesome giveaway!


    My favourite colour is Riveting.

    Make sure you check out everyone.

  • Alex

    i love fois gras, stone cold and dress me up!

  • Michelle

    Fast Track is gorgeous!  Email:

  • Wendy T

    My favourite is Smoke & Ashes.

  • Sarah

    Foie Gras! Yay for Hunger Games!

  • Sydney

     Smoke and ashes is definitely my favourite, but oh my goodness they are all so gorgeous :)

    I simply cannot wait for the movies to come out! So excited.

  • Lauren

    Love Smoke and Ashes! So stoked for the movie :)

  • S.

    I’d love Dress Me Up! 

    email: underyourwaves at gmail dot com

  • Wondercheche

    hmmmm..decision time
    Dress Me Up? Fast Track?Smoke and Ashes? I cant really decide!love them all

  • Ahighsted

    Where spring colours are so bright I’ve been opting for more muted nail colours – love “dress me up”!

  • EJ

    Luxe and lush is lovely! Tweet me (at)emmybeaton :)

  • Anna

    Agro would be great for winter! Such a nice green

  • meganfm

    Love Dress me up as well!  It’s such a pretty muted purple.


  • Kristina

    Summer calls for bright nails so Riveting is definitely my favourite!

  • Chelle

    I also am hooked on the first Hunger Games book (like everyone else I talk to)! My favourite shade has to be Stone Cold… I love the metallic grey and I think it would be a nice alternative to the mint colour I’ve been wearing these days :)

    Xo Chelle

  • Mila

    luxe and lush looks amazingggggg. I wish there was something a little more Peeta related- my dream make believe husband

  • Smile

    I love Luxe and Lush! I think that it looks amazing and you can put it on top of any other colour of nail polish! I also think that the name suits the style of the nail polish! its gorgeous! :)

  • Jennifer van der Smissen

    They are all just absolutely stunning! :) I am not one for the flash on my nails, but may actually go for Electrify.. or maybe Smoke and Ashes.. or maybe… (okay I give up, I love them all!) ♥

  • safiyak

    Agro love. Such a pretty green with a hint of sparkle. Super into it. Only 5 more days until we get to see how they paint the tributes nails !

  • frannie

    Electrify looks AMAZING! Golden with a splatter of different colors! Love. Can’t wait for the movie to come out…few more days! <3

  • Krazy_dazey

    Omg… I’m just started to read The Hunger Games series and I cant put the book down!! I love how these colors are so rich and neutral. I love all of the colors but I think that if I had to choose a favorite it would have to be Smoke and ashes with Luxe and Lush on top… I think that combo would be so beautiful together! Th
    Thanks for having this giveaway. :D

  • Raju Sandhu

     My fave is Riveting!

  • Christina

    Agro or Dress Me Up are definitely my faves. :)

  • Libby
  • s h e r r y

    Electrify!!! Love glitters <3

  • Dilara Litonjua

    I love Hook & Line!

  • Yazzypie

    I love them all! I would have to say one of them that caught my eye is Electrify! I love the sparkles and the colour!! looks fiery!! :D

  • Melanie

    I’m most drawn to hook and line! Cannot wait until the hunger games starts showing- huge fan of the books!

  • Tara Vergel De Dios

    Hook and Line looks cool!

  • Janice

    Electrify – love my sparkles!

  • noel

    Agro foshoooo :)   going to midnight showing this week! yayy!!


  • Lucy

    Luxe and Lush!! I don’t have a flakie polish in my collection yet!

  • hansy_k

    I LOVE “Riveting” and “Stone Cold”! Love the Hunger Games, and would love to wear Hunger Games polish to go and watch the movie ;) 


  • Ittybittyjoa

    Love Foie Gras! Such a cute color!!

  • tkwan23


  • Nina

    Fast Track and Foie Gras! 

  • Adorement

    Luxe and lush has definitely caught my eye. I’d love to see it over all the colours in the collection!!

    Twitter: @adorement

  • Anainvancouver

    Stone cold looks amazing! Would look great for a night out.

    Ana @anainvancouver

  • Kiah

    Luxe and Lush, or basically any of them. So pretty.

  • Kimmy

    Luxe and Lush… what a great summer colour!

  • julia g

    I like Hook and Line


  • Lorieil

    Luxe and Lush! So beautiful for layering…

  • CralyEllis62

    I think my favorite is Dress Me Up but I also LOVE Argo because it reminds me of Rue and District 11 agriculture!! I would LOVE to win the collection!!! 

  • Dennis L.

    I like Dress Me Up

  • Amanda L

    Smoke and Ashes is my favourite. The green and blue flecks in it look gorgeous!

  • Nicole Hazelwood

    I love Foie Gras! Yummy. Hope all is well with you :)

  • itschwa

    HUNGER GAMES!!! Love the series! :) I want to have them all! They look amazing!!! I have been trying to find them but nothing yet. I love the luxe and lush glitter polish. I just love the way it shines.

  • TheJenniferIncident

    Can’t wait to see the movie tomorrow! I just finished the books two weeks ago and I’ve been in love with Electrify since news of the polish line came up last year!


  • Lauren

    LOVING the Riveting! Looks just like the colour of Katniss’s dress in the movie. Can’t wait!


  • Caroline Gault

     Love Mahogany Magic! <3 @CarolineGault

  • Meagan

    I love ‘Dress Me Up!’ Super excited about the movie adaptations, as well. 

  • Andrea

    I’m loving riveting. Reminds me of Tangerine Tango and will be the perfect hue on my toes this summer:) 

  • Jessalina

    RIVETING is soooo so so gorgeous, I fell in love at first sight!  Definitely my favorite! :)

  • Melanie Locum

    riveting is my fave!

  • Eliza

    My Favourite colour is smoke and ashes because it reminds me of the nights sky. It looks georgous, it adds a little something to plain, boring black and i love it.

  • TheOfficialSwifties

    My Favourite colour is smoke and ashes because it reminds me of the nights sky. It looks georgous, it adds a little something to plain, boring black and i love it.

  • Leiafan

    i love them all but i think riveting and smoke and ashes are one of the best. i like the way they have a shimmery look to them (i hope its not just me seeing that)

  • Anonymous

    I would LOVE to have no.1: Luxe and Lush. It’s surpossed to be a districct 1 nail pollish. I really like it. It definitly matches district 1. I love how shimmery it looks and I LOVE the way it looks almost…multi coloured.
    Definitly my favorite! I love the hunger games

  • Anonymous

    WAIT! Im not american or canadian NEVER MIND THEN!! ignore my request.
    Darn it.