Item of the Week: Rag & Bone Palazzo Trousers

When I describe my love of palazzo pants to my friends, I get a lot of puzzled looks and questions like “Why would you want to wear pants that baggy?”, or they mistake them for those terrifying harem pants that were so sadly popular a couple of years ago. 
“They are really flattering,” I’ll say with excitement. And if they are still puzzled, I’ll try and convince them that they are no different from a maxi skirt. The problem is that they have like zero hanger appeal, appearing like giant beds sheets and often sweeping the store floor. It’s one of those things you just have to try on (and maybe adjust the hemline). But once you do, you’ll fall in love. Too overwhelming? Heels do help.

Would you wear?

$475 at Net-a-Porter. Also, check out these $49.90 horizontal stripes palazzos at Zara. 
  • Lola

    I like the look of them, paired with the right shirt and shoes it can look quite elegant. Maybe a long earring, side swept pony tail for a warm breezy spring evening with a glass of rose. I would never pay $475 for a pair though, I’ll stick with the Zara version!

  • anya

    I don’t know why they are so expensive (it’s a lot of silk, I guess).

  • Rocio Larrea

    I really like the look!

  • Ms Champagne

    they’re a lot easier to pull off on vacation than in the city but they are sooo elegant when pulled off well :)