A Little Cameo on FLARE.com

Here’s a shocker: I actually did a personal style post. I mentioned before that I’m way too shy to make this type of thing a regular occurrence (I’m usually the girl dodging cameras at events), but when FLARE  asks you to be a part of an online Bloggers Style: Spring Shoes feature, you just don’t say no. 

Sandro tunic; Le Fou by Wilfred trousers; Assad Mounser necklace; Maison Martin Margiela shoes
I chose to wear my favourite Margielas, somewhat ordinary peep-toe pumps with an extraordinary detail in the back. I suppose they are kind of like a mullet in a shoe form. Ah, Margiela. 
PS. Yes the picture is blurry as my husband (clearly a pro) decided to focus onto the sexy red “no parking” sign for the 5-minute duration of this shoot. 
  • Nomadic D.

    You look gorgeous!  I know you don’t post pictures of yourself very often (this might be the first on I’ve ever seen!) but I say you should pepper a few more in now and then.  Seriously, you look amazing.  As do those damn shoes.  As does the No Parking sign ;)


  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    Thank you! Maybe next time, I’ll get Mr. to do some close-ups.

  • http://twitter.com/chengsophia Sophia Cheng

    You look beautiful!

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    Thanks darling! 

    I did one years ago (for a FASHION magazine contest) when I first started the blog.http://www.imtheitgirl.com/2009/07/fashion-lovely.html

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    But it IS such a sexy parking sign.

  • http://designandconquerjewellery.com/ Design + Conquer

    Looking great, Anya! Love the asymmetry of the shot.

  • Amy

    Nice surprise style post! I love the blue on blue, and the comfiness of the outfit (almost like wearing PJs). Also adore that colourful necklace and the lipstick (what is it?). Oh yeah, and the shoes, of course!

  • http://www.imtheitgirl.com/ anya

    It’s Impassioned by MAC — really, really bright hot pink (almost neon).

  • Solveig

     Seriously, you really do look absolutely amazing!
    Didnt even recognize you at first!

  • http://sololisa.com/ lisa

    Hmm sexy. And red. Your parking sign had better hope that Christian Louboutin doesn’t sue.

  • Sharon (The Backseat Stylers)

    Bahaha! Not sure how I missed this before, but welcome to my life. My husband is equally terrible at photography. But soft photo or not, you look gorgeous! :)