Shoe Wednesdays: Pierre Hardy Metal-Trimmed Sandal

I have a feeling I’ll be posting a lot of pastels in the next few months. They are everywhere. This thick-strapped black and pastel (metal!) sandal immediately caught my attention with that giant buckle. And probably because it snowed in Vancouver yesterday and I was longing to be somewhere hot, wearing a skimpy top, rolled up jeans, and something strappy on my feet. Sigh. 
Are you feeling pastels for spring?
$795 at Net-a-Porter.
  • suzilm

    Gorgeous strappy heels! Divine! Went into Camilla & Marc in Armadale today and saw a lot of fluro being used in their garments, as well as pastels! Isn’t it amazing at how the past fashions of the 80’s/90’s are on a resurge?
    Suzi x
    For the Love of Audrey  

  • anya

    Pastels are so early 90s — and super cool, of course. 

  • Amy

    What a gorgeous, sexy, fun shoe! I’m loving pastels for spring. 

  • Cina767

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