Shoe Wednesdays: Nicholas Kirkwood Lasercut Bootie

So... I didn't win the P&G Beauty and Grooming Award for Best Blog -- the super awesome Michelle Mullins of Lipstick Rules did -- but I did get a little trophy of sorts: these shoes. They were easily justifiable: 1) if I won (and there was a 33% chance), I would have to share the stage with Kim Cattrall (c'mon!) and I needed truly great shoes; 2) if I lost (which I did), at least I'd have the coolest shoes in the room (which I also did); 3) I did win that Canadian Online Publishing Award last week, so I deserved a little prize anyways; and 4) please, it's Nicholas Kirkwood and I've done this splurge before, exactly a year ago. 

A version of them has been sitting on my blog since June, in the form of a little illustration on the right hand side. Yes, I did the drawing and it was a pleasure: the violent looking platform, the skinny heel, the sharp angular lines. Surprise, surprise: it's almost, sort of, comfortable (well, I survived the night). 

$1370 at The Room at The Bay. American readers, head on over to Barneys.

PS. I feel like this is a rare "If I Were Rich, I Would Buy" post come to life.


  1. Oh, they're great! Congratulations)

  2. Well, sorry you didn't win the award, but congratulations on the shoes! Those are insanely hot, I'm so impressed.

  3. I NEED these. They are phenomenal. Way better than winning first place.

  4. congratulations! that's awesome anya! and if those are a 'consolation' prize of sorts - i would say you won anyway.

  5. I love the way your rationalization process works. Anyway, you've worked so hard and racked up so many successes. You deserve a treat!

  6. These shoes are absolutely stunning! I love the combination of the blue and black, and the short laces. Gorgeous!

    A "Thing To Wear"

  7. Bit delayed, but these shoes looked crazy, ridiculously amazing on you in person. Definitely a good pick!


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