Item of the Week: Tibi Tuxedo Jacket

Finding a women's tuxedo blazer is always an issue. There are business-type blazers, but they are way too officey. Then there are boyfriend blazers, but they are way too casual. And there are sports blazers (and I have a great one by Lacoste), but they are too sporty. I've always desired something along the lines of YSL's Le Smoking (see If I Were Rich), and this blazer by Tibi reminds me of that sharp YSL silhouette. 

Another thing I'm really into right now is leather detailing -- I can't get enough of it. I like the contrast of the stark white satin and the black leather shawl lapel. Remember the Alexander Wang shirt I posted a while ago? Similar idea. I've also spotted leather sleeves, leather pockets, leather collars -- love it all. I think I'll do a whole post on it.

$475 at Net-a-Porter, Shopbop and (also in black).

PS. I'm in Toronto for the P&G Beauty and Grooming Awards -- I'm nominated! Maybe I'll see some of you there?


  1. I was starting to worry because you posted so late (LOL - addicted!). I have a hard time finding blazers that are not boyfriend ones (so sick of that look) or too boxy. Well, I love this one!

    Congrats on your nomination! Hope you're enjoying Toronto.

  2. I've been looking for a white blazer for about a year now, but every time I try one on I hear my mom's voice in my head (from across the seas) saying I looked like a waiter, albeit a very elegant one. I'm still madly attracted to them, just can't seem to actually pull the trigger. Totally with you on the leather detailing too, the coats and blazers at Zara are amazing for that this season.

  3. Beautiful tuxedo jacket. Love the lace detailing on the inside. Good luck in Toronto!

    Can You Keep A Secret

  4. Leather trimmed pieces look so elegant. There's a See by Chloe two-toned black-and-white blouse at The Bay with black leather trim accents. And of course, I keep eyeballing Mackage coats. One of these days I'll succumb.

  5. I'm a huge fan of the tuxedo look and that Tibi blazer is wonderful. Love the slimmer lapels.

  6. got one from club monaco in 2009 that looks exactly like this one, it was marked down at $29.

  7. I love the leather detailing, Ive been eyeing up several shirts with leather detailing in topshop lately. The tuxedo jacket is gorgeous, but, I cant wear white. It always spells disaster... sigh.

  8. Nomadic D.,

    I haven't been to Zara in about a month (record time!) so I have to make it down there. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Hi there, I am getting married and I am desperately trying to find either a tuxedo jacket or sexy white suit that is feminine but not to 'work gear'. I live in NYC so any tips you might have would be so appreciated


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