Friday, April 30, 2010

Beauty Fridays: Lilac Nails

Jessica Biel wearing Revlon's "Lilac Pastille"

I think that lilac may be my favourite colour this season, especially when it comes to make-up. I've written about "Lilac Lips" but now I need even more lilac in my life. Thankfully, there is a plethora of lilac nail polishes on the market right now to keep my cravings satisfied.

From neutral tones of Revlon's "Lilac Pastille" and Essie's "Lilacism" to highly saturated "Do You Lilac It?" by OPI to a cooler take on lilac by Butter - these are some of my favourite shades.

Revlon "Lilac Pastille" ($6 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Essie "Lilacism" ($12 CAD at BeautyMark)

OPI "Done Out in Deco" ($12 CAD)

Essie "Main Squeeze" ($12 CAD at BeautyMark)

OPI "Do You Lilac It?" ($12 CAD)

Butter "Muggins" ($17 CAD at BeautyMark)

They are all so pretty. Do you have a favourite?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Wednesdays: Proenza Schouler Chunky Leather Platforms

I know they are totally unattainable. Not just financially: they are pretty much sold out everywhere. I thought I'd post them anyways because it's my birthday and I can post what I want to. And cry if I want to. Because I know that these are not going to be on my feet anytime soon.

There are so many beautiful things happening here: the way the wooden platform just curves itself into that heel; that stitched s-curve that makes up the body of the shoe; the little laced bow at the back; that snakeskin detail at the toe. Perfection.

$744 US at Far Fetch

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gossip Girl: "Dr. Estrangedloved" Fashion Round-Up

So I was right! Jenny is becoming Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. Nate is so dumb and easily confused. Why else would he have his last name embroidered on all his shirts? His brain probably can't even tell Jenny and Serena apart. Tall, blond, skinny... same diff.

Breaking up is hard to do but Blair is determined to move on by getting back in the dating game and putting all her Chuck memories into one box titled "Old Life!" C'mon - no way all the Chuck things would require only one little box! Her prom Marchesa and her "Anna Karenina" furry hat would require at least two alone! I loved Dorota's advice: "Why don't we go feed ducks in park? Just the two of us." Can I go do that with you? I really need my own Dorota.

The Baldwin! I love the way Baldwins talk in the low voice. I think they may have invented the "talking like Chuck Bass" voice. Or Christian Bale's voice in Batman. But why does he have to be evil? Why does everyone from the past need to be evil? C'mon writers! It's becoming too obvious!

Don't worry Chuck. You still get my heart fluttering!

Lily was back but, sadly, no Hermès. She did wear an amazing gray wool dress from Milly's fall collection and, very Lily, Bounkit turquoise earrings (sorry, CW didn't release a picture but I'll try and get a screencap).

I'm really starting to hate Rufus and his jealousy issues. He seems so desperate now that he's a kept man. Maybe he should do what other rich housewives do: sit on the board of the Met or start his own handbag line.

Like his dad, Dan is turning into an asshole! Vanessa's Tisch acceptance must come with a scholarship because her Preen dress comes with at least a $1,000 price tag. It's lovely and from their Spring 2010 collection. Plus something tells me that Vanessa and Dan are going to be over before the end of the season. And I think he'll be back in the Serena mix in no time!

Blair's "Vanessa" outfit was hilarious. Tribal print tunic (or in her mind "zarape") with liquid leggings. Except Vanessa lately has been wearing Preen and Phillip Lim while Blair has been wearing Marc and Moschino. Hate to say it but lately I've been wanting Vanessa's wardrobe. Move over Blair and take your new zarape with you! I want more Preen!

Preen s/s 2010 dress (click to see it on the runway)
Sanctuary moto leather jacket

Then there is Serena channelling Lily. Yes, Serena: I realize you really like earth tones but, like Jenny, you don't really stray away from grey, brown, or black much. Kind of makes you look much older than................. 19!

Opening Ceremony trench coat
YSL large leather "Muse" bag
YSL Tribute pumps

Of course I'm not into this new Willa character but her line "Who is that slut?" upon seeing Jenny was spot on. I realize that Rufus is super busy being a Desperate Housewife of Manhattan but he should really think twice before letting Jenny leave the house looking like a baby prostitute. At least she finally ditched those lace tights.

L'Agence leather and cotton dress (Spring 2010)
AV Max and Sorrelli
Giles & Brother bracelet
Pierre Hardy booties (Fall 2009)

All in all, great episode but nothing super memorable fashion-wise. Next week: fashion porn in a major way!

You know you love me!


It Girl

PS. Thanks to InStyle Magazine for the info.
PPS. I'll be starting my Gossip Girl giveaway next week! It's a good one!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Item of the Week: Zara Cat Print Dress

I'm continuing my Zara love with this little rayon/viscose dress with the super adorable cat print. I know, I know: it totally recalls a déjà vu feeling of Miu Miu's S/S 2010 collection. But the price is definitely easier on the eyes! And I love dresses with pockets - so convenient. I especially appreciate the styling in Zara's lookbook. I must find an oversized rounded collar ASAP and wear it with everything.

Zara S/S 2010 lookbook

Miu Miu S/S 2010 campaign

$39.99 CAD at Zara.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beauty Fridays: Blushing for Corals

Natasha Poly backstage at Anna Sui S/S 2010

Spring is officially here! It's time to add some tropical colour to our make-up and embrace that happy healthy summer glow. Coral is a major colour trend for this season (and it should be every year). Adding a little bit of coral blush, like make-up artist Pat Mcgrath did at Anna Sui's S/S collection, will make the face look fresher and sunnier.

Pat Mcgrath used Covergirl's Simply Ageless blush in "Plush Peach" and it's a great bright, bold colour. It's a cream blush so it's great for those that prefer cream-based products or have dry skin.

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless "Plush Peach" blush ($15 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart)

Another great cream-based coral shade is "Cabo Coral" by Bobbi Brown. This one does double-duty and acts as a lip colour too.

Bobbi Brown "Cabo Coral" cheek and lip colour ($30 CAD at Holt Renfrew)

Two powder-based coral knockouts are Cargo's "Cannes" and Nars' "Gilda." Both blushes glide on like silk. Cargo's "Cannes" is a little bit on the warmer side so it will compliment those with olive skin and summer freckles (like me). Nars' "Gilda" is coral-y pink perfection.

Cargo "Cannes" blush ($26 CAD at BeautyMark)

NARS "Gilda" blush ($29 CAD at Sephora)

Yay for spring!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wrapped in Florals

Liberty of London for MAC (spring 2010 ad)

I can't get enough of florals (please refer to Mad About Florals) this season. I want to sit in a floral room wearing florals drinking floral tea out of floral tea cups.

I've always been a fan of Liberty fabrics (especially the work by Cacharel) and I'm loving the Liberty of London accessories. I want everything and more. But the prices are hurting my eyes.

Liberty of London Pale pink chrystelle floral scarf (£295 at Liberty - around $450 CAD)

Diane Von Furstenberg can always be trusted for great prints and florals. Season after season, I'm always pleasantly surprised by the freshness of her prints.

Diane Von Furstenburg Beaded Chiffon Scarf in Tile Paisley Pink ($295 US at DVF)

I'm thrilled to see Marika Charles scarves at Barneys. This brother and sister team have been quietly making beautiful knits for two decades. Their tie-dye pieces are gaining major momentum now, thanks to the celebrity fans like Sienna Miller and Jessica Alba.

Marika Charles "Tutti Frutti" Scarf ($195 US at Barneys)

And of course, there are always super affordable options from the usual suspects. I especially adore the GAP scarf with the tiny little flowers and the two-tone colour combination.

French Connection 'Amelia' Scarf ($48 US at French Connection)

GAP Lightweight Patchwork Floral Scarf ($30 US at the GAP)

H&M Garden Collection Scarf ($15 CAD at H&M)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shoe Wednesdays: Zara Wooden Platform Wedge

I used to own a pair of very clunky clog-like wooden shoes in high school and wear them with some seriously wide-legged Wranglers that I found at a thrift store. I totally thought that 70s was the coolest most underrated decade ever (still do). I had just gotten out of my Brit-pop phase and saw Annie Hall and Love Story for the first time so it made sense. Later, I became embarrassed about this phase (like with most things that happened in high school). But now I'm loving the look again. Thanks Karl Lagerfeld and your hay loving ways.

I always forget about Zara for some reason, but always get reminded how amazing Zara's shoes are by other bloggers. I first saw these lovelies on a fellow blogger (and a loyal reader) Le Mode du Jour. With well-crafted luxurious wood (oak?) and rich leather, these are just amazing. I think me and wooden shoes can be friends again after all.

$139 CAD at Zara.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Item of the Week: Club Monaco 'Daria' Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt

Silk shirts are summer basics. Easy and breezy.

I adore this silk pocket tee from Club Monaco. It looks so effortless but much more polished than just a regular old tee.

I want one in every colour.

$79 CAD at Club Monaco.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Beauty Fridays: myfaceworks

myfaceworks "I need to heal" ($60 CAN/pack of 6)

If you have spent time in Asia or wandered around an Asian supermarket, chances are that you have encountered at least one tempting but mysterious facial mask sheet package without an English description and wondered what the deal was. So here it is: they are extremely popular in Asia and, until now, have never been embraced by North American markets. Vancouver's myfaceworks intends to change that by introducing a complete line of facial sheet masks.

Each product corresponds to its clever title, each answering the question "What does your face need today?" I've tried four out of twelve myfaceworks masks: "I need to heal," "I need to tame," "I need a clear day," and "I need to open my eyes." They all left my face feeling instantly smoother and softer to touch.

Each mask has its own unique formula and scent. For example, "I need to heal" contains aloe vera and cucumber, while "I need to tame" (my favourite) also has rose water, leaving your face smelling like heaven. Sheets are extremely soft and pliable and made from 100% bio-degradable silk.

myfaceworks "I need to tame" ($60 CAN/pack of 6)

myfaceworks sheet masks are ultra convenient and without any messiness. Apply for 20 minutes and you are instantly regenerated. I could see myself packing these with my carry-on for those long plane rides that dehydrate your skin.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Joomi Lim

Choker w/ Pearl, Chain & Spikes & Crystal Pendant ($528 US)

I've discovered that jewelry may be my passion in life. Nothing excites me more than amazing jewelry (not even shoes). I'm always looking for the next hip jewelry designer. I can never get enough.

I recently discovered Joomi Lim, and her pieces immediately put a smile on my face. I love the contrast between soft lady-like pearls and the hard edge of the metal spikes. There is something so elegant in the simplicity of the composition of the link chain and the spikes, the way they fit into each other so perfectly.

New York-based Joomi Lim began her fashion career as a make-up artist. She began making hair pieces and headbands (many of them were worn by Blair Waldorf) in 2008 under the name of Joomi NYC. She recently launched the "Joomi Lim" line of fine jewelry. The line is already gathering a loyal celebrity following, including with trendsetters Leighton Meester and Rihanna. All the pieces are handmade in New York.

Chain Bracelet w/Single Row Spikes - Matte Gold ($88 US)

Chain Bracelet w/Double Row Spikes - Matte Gunmetal ($72 US)

Pearl & Spike Earrings ($66 US)

Shop online at
An impressive selection of Joomi Lim jewelry can also be found at Sophie's Closet.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoe Wednesdays: Cacharel Acrylic Heel Sandal

This week was supposed to be an affordable shoe week but then these appeared in my inbox from Gravity Pope. Couldn't resist. As you know, I'm a huge fan of Cacharel (and the now-defunct Baby Jane by Cacharel) and never quite understood why the label ever struggled in the past. I'm glad that there is a place in Vancouver carrying Cacharel clothing and shoes.

I mean, just look at these! The cuffed ankle! Transparent laces! That amazing invisible acrylic wedge heel! It's like walking on clouds. Or water.

$725 CAD at Gravity Pope.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gossip Girl: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" Fashion Round-Up

So it is possible to be find true love on the upper east side - you just have to be poor like Dorota and Vanya, or old like Eleanor and Cyrus. Both happily married couples are so sweet. I loved this episode. Like Blair, I'm a sucker for weddings.

The little moment between Dorota and Blair was really touching. It occurred to me that Blair's best friend is not Serena - it is Dorota. She has always known of Blair's lies and schemes, yet has always been there for her. And like Blair, Dorota loves headbands (Siman Tu is my latest jewelry obsession)! She looked absolutely radiant in her Eleanor Waldorf wedding gown. And speaking of Eleanor, she has some of the best one-liners ever: "Eavesdropping on the help is undignified."

I loved the silliness of the whole scenario. Traditional Eastern European wedding games dating all the way back to 14th century? What? They had balloons back then? I'm Eastern European and I've never heard of this! Must research.... And how cute was the BEP's “I Gotta Feeling” accordion tune?

Eric Daman designed "Eleanor Waldorf" wedding dress
Siman Tu headband (my latest jewelry obsession)
Swarovski necklace

Serena was super boring and self-involved. I mean she must have known Dorota for at least a decade now and ditches her wedding to pursue her own interests. She did look great at both the pre-wedding party in the black Ferragamo dress and at the wedding in that gorgeous draped deep-v grey dress (still looking for it). At least Carter Baizen (aka Almost-Chuck) is back! You know I have a soft spot for him. I don't know why. Maybe it's the name: Carter Baizen! Carter can stay because Serena and Nate are already getting boring.

Ferragamo dress
MC necklace

Little J is one heartbreak away from becoming Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction. And dumbo Nate is so easy to manipulate! He deserves her. But she wore f-ing PREEN! And grew Serena-like boobs overnight to fill it in! Of course, she managed to make Preen look cheap by pairing the dress with the now ubiquitous Jenny lace tights. But again: Siman Tu jewelry!

Givenchy shoes
Siman Tu bracelets
Pretty Little Things necklace
Ginette_NY pinky rings

And yes, Blair and Chuck are so over. Even Nate can't believe how stupid Chuck's Indecent Proposal plan was. Yes, that's how stupid you are Chuck! Oh well, at least she got some Cartier out if in the end.

But let's talk about Marchesa! I've always been a huge fan, even though those Grecian gowns can get a little redundant. Blair had worn Marchesa before in the beginning of the season. Remember? Red with big ruffles and from the same outstanding Fall 2009 collection as this one. This gold/bronze colour on her is just flawless and it has a bow. BOW!

Marchesa dress (Fall 2009)
(image courtesy of InStyle)

Next episode: Serena finally meets daddy! And they go for tea. Also Lily Rhodes Van der Woodsen Bass Humphrey is back. That means the return of Hermès! Thank God, I'm feeling Hermès deprived.

You know you love me!


It Girl

PS. Thanks to InStyle Magazine for the info.