Shoe Wednesdays: Pour La Victoire "Irina" Pump

You know I love my five inchers. There is nothing more satisfying than towering over people. So vain, I know. Well, I'm barely 5'6" but with shoes like these I reach supermodel height. Provided that there are no supermodels around that are also wearing heels (trust me: this has happened on more than one occassion). Kind of like a little cousin to YSL's "Tributes," PLV's "Irinas" will protect you from your own predestined shortness. And if you're already ridiculously tall? I say, more power to you!

$225.25 CAD at Gravity Pope in Vancouver and $250 US online at

PS. ON SALE for $199 CAD at The Bay


  1. gorgeous! found a beautiful pair of pour la victoires at winner, but not in my size. boo!

  2. Such a beautiful shoe.

    I usually find my PLVs at the Dakota Group sample sale or on Zappos. I think The Bay carries them now too, and they always have incredible sales. It might be worth checking out at the end of the season. :)

  3. they're on sale at the bay downtown :)

  4. These are to die for. And I should not have read that comment above mine lol


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