Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shoe Wednesdays: Proenza Schouler Chunky Leather Platforms

I know they are totally unattainable. Not just financially: they are pretty much sold out everywhere. I thought I'd post them anyways because it's my birthday and I can post what I want to. And cry if I want to. Because I know that these are not going to be on my feet anytime soon.

There are so many beautiful things happening here: the way the wooden platform just curves itself into that heel; that stitched s-curve that makes up the body of the shoe; the little laced bow at the back; that snakeskin detail at the toe. Perfection.

$744 US at Far Fetch


nicole said...

Happy Birthday Anya! What a lovely coincidence of things, Shoe Weds., your birthday and Proenza Schouler platforms. I love it!

lisa said...

Happy birthday Anya!

You're gonna have to send me a screen cap of the Zooey sweater you're talking about, or at least a photo, or maybe mention which scene she wears it in lol. And I have to buy that movie so I can watch it endlessly and obsess.

The Anthology said...

Beeeeeautiful! And happy, happy birthday. Hope you're getting spoiled rotten.


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